Sustainability Commitment

Drexel University’s Institutional Commitment to Sustainability

I stand with the Drexel Sierra Club in respectfully requesting that the Board of Trustees and Administration of Drexel University implement the following environmental policies:

• Commit, in writing, to a University-wide carbon reduction of 80% by 2050 (approximately a 2% reduction per year) in accordance with recommendations from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). More information about IPCC at .

• Create an Office of Sustainability to oversee this reduction, and make Drexel a leader in campus sustainability and education

• Commit to transparency of Drexel's endowment, and invest 1% of our 2009 endowment into a revolving loan fund for environmental efficiency projects on campus

These actions are essential for the continuing environmental sustainability of Drexel University, and can no longer be neglected. While personal accountability is essential for the success of environmental sustainability, we must see an institutional commitment that can lead our students to a sustainable lifestyle.  We ask that you strengthen the future of our University through the steps outlined above.


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