Drexel Eco-Reps are a select group of undergraduate students that are located around campus and are given the task to educate members in their community on environmental issues and to encourage them to live in eco-friendly ways. You can find more information about eco-friendly way of living at www.essaydb.net.

The Drexel Sierra Club provides students with necessary knowledge and skills to communicate sustainable living to their peers. 


• Effective communication skills (through a variety of means)
• Ability to work independently and collaboratively
• Ability to see projects through to completion
• Ability to learn information about sustainability topics and
relate that information to peers
• Enthusiastic, engaging individuals who are passionate about
environmental and social issues
• Students who can be held accountable for their work
• Sense of creativity and fun

Email drexelsierraclub@gmail.com to apply or get more information. In your email, please include: your organization/dorm, year, and major

Become an Eco-Rep for your community today! 

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