Renew Our Economy

Imagine a society that keeps renewing itself and thrives with vibrant energy. Imagine a resilient economy that enhances life without depleting it. Imagine institutions that empower people to reach our full potential. The world we’re creating is shaped by how we see, so lately I’ve been doing some re-imagining.

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It’s become clearer to me how important it is to bring together two great challenges of our time:

  • the shift towards renewable forms of energy and
  • the full development of human potential.

We can’t have one without the other. They need to go hand in hand. I’ve been playing with ways to communicate this. Here’s my first attempt at weaving some conversations together.

Our economies are based on energy

There’s a story that modern societies have transitioned from agricultural economies (based on farming) to industrial economies (based on production) to consumer economies (based on spending and debt) to knowledge economies (based on ideas). Most economies are based on all these elements to different degrees.But there’s something else that economies are based on that seldom gets discussed: energy.

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We live on the sun’s energy

The energy that flows through us and our social/economic system comes from the sun. Its light connects us with one another and every living species.

At a personal level, we get energy through food. Let’s be grateful for plants that make sunlight edible. The energy in our food sustains and renews us. We can use this energy for diverse purposes. We all need to decide how to use this creative potential.

We can lead lives that let this energy shine. We can also live in ways that dampen us down:


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